Early Childhood Development – Osidisweni Grade R Graduation

We are so proud of the little ones graduating to grade R despite a very VERY trying year.

Many children, due to technology, were able to just continue their schooling at home during lockdown. These children did not have that option. Every day was a lost opportunity to be educated. To make matters even worse, when the rest of the schools got assistance to open, this creche was completely forgotten. It took a lot of negotiation, planning, preparation, sterilisation, begging and more negotiation to finally open their doors… but WE DID IT!!!🥳

Thank you so much for everyone’s love and support this year and a special thank you to Ignite Revolution, WE CARE KZN South Coast and Gradwell Letting for your sponsorship to a well organised and greatly enjoyed graduation and class party 🥰🤗🥳 Bless you all for all the support! Without the help of our loyal friends the children would just be forgotten – as harsh as that sounds…❤

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