Back To School Relief: Book wrapping service and stationery supplies

On 23 February, 2021, we dropped off the last on our list of 46 students’ shoes, text books and stationery. We are so grateful to our community and the organisations who supported us to reach more children. So many families have lost their main breadwinners, we need to support our neighbours now more than ever 🙏There are many individuals who contributed, but because we don’t have all their names I won’t single anyone out… yet please know that you contributed to the majority of the stationery ❤ bless you🙏 and thank you so much on behalf of the children 🤗

The following organisations supported us greatly and we appreciate their support and love. ❤Southcoast Mall and Redefine Properties, Gradwell Letting, Uvongo Rotary Club, Dr. K Maharaj

Also the bright eyed and bushy tailed volunteers: where do I start to say thank you so so much! Gerhard, Thobile, Lauretia, Kerry, Andrea xxx

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