Creche COVID-Compliance Assistance

After weeks of preparation the Osidisweni Creche in Gcilima was re-opened on 24 August 2020, fully compliant and ready to educate their pupils in a safe and compliant environment.

Thank you to all the sponsors and contributors from the bottom of our hearts, whether it be advice and guidance or cleaning equipment and materials, temperature guns, protective gear like aprons, shields, gloves and masks, carpeting, water supply etc.

  • Stef Kvalsvig from South Coast Flooring
  • Ann and Richard Phillips
  • Stephen Herbst from Siyakhula Clothing
  • Terrence Chetty from from The Soap Factory
  • Mandy from Gradwell Letting
  • Patricia Pybus from Patrician Blue
  • Illala Laundromat – Southbroom
  • Sharlene van der Slikke
  • Allison Reid
  • Ann from Funky Bratz in Olso Beach
  • Linda Subramoney
  • Ally Winrow
  • Jolene Voyevic from Genesis
  • Carol Anne Warren from We Care

Getting all the documentation ready was an arduous a task as deep-cleaning the whole building, but we got it done with enthusiasm and lots of elbow grease from teachers, the principal and volunteers.

Being able to wash our hands is such an underestimated privilege we do not even consider. The staff are very grateful to have clean running water at the school.
All equipment is removed and cleaned before it gets placed back into a clean building.
Nana Xolo (principal) and Teacher Anele in their prtective gear, helping with the cleaning.
Social distancing between cots
Books on each space sponsored by NAG
Social distancing and hands sanitized.
Clean desks and brand new carpet squares to ensure social distancing is being adhered to.
Easy to keep social distancing amongst toddlers if you are organised and set up for it.

We are very proud of every person involved and especially the dedication of the teachers to keep the children safe and healthy. This was purely a private effort by Gratiari and the community as there was absolutely no support from the department of social development and local social workers.