South Coast Ecobrick Project – Gcilima – Osindisweni Community Creche

The Osindisweni Community Creche in Gcilima serves around 48 children aged 3 months to 5 years. They are located near the Gcilima Clinic. The school fees are R100 per month, which include all expenses, including teachers’ salaries, but they have to bring their own food to school every day. This results in many children having no meal at school or the same food every day.

We have launched the South Coast Ecobrick Project, which was initially only aimed at public awareness and creating a sustainable vegetable garden in order for them to cook lunches for the children, but after the needs analysis we realised that they can’t go any longer without water (and electricity), plumbing and ablutions. We are currently connecting plumbing while we are awaiting funding for a borehole.

Gratiari, with the help of the local community, has also been regularly sponsoring toys, stationery, visual teachers’ aid and food to the creche. We still have an extensive list of needs, i.e. curtains, a kitchenette, gas cooking facility and plumbing. We would also love for a mural to be done for the children and also donate some sports equipment and outdoor toys like hoola hoops etc.

Contact Sonia on 079 311 3611 if you wish to contribute towards the creche in any form.

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